Richard Cox
Wine Decadence Founder & CEO

Wine Decadence was conceptualized by some prominent wine industry leaders in the tasting room of a Napa/Sonoma winery in 2014.

That conversation was led by our Founder & CEO, Richard Cox, who then translated the vision into a unique consumer-focused company dominated by a passion for improving quality of life through exceptional wine experiences.

Eventually, this concept was broadened to include the additional wine experience enhancements of pairing foods and wine accessories.

An essential decision at the inception of Wine Decadence was to collaborate exclusively with Foley Family Wines (FFW) in the procurement of all wines.

FFW, a top 10 American wine group, owns or licenses more than 75 wineries worldwide. While, collectively, the FFW wines represent every variety and style the common element among them is an umcompromising commitment to quality.

There are no obscure wineries, nor high-margin proprietary wines. Accordingly, all of the FFW wines are rated and reviewed. They all come from respected, well-established wineries that have met exceedingly high standards. While all of these wines live up to the FFW standards, they each have their own individual identity, style and distinctive personality.

Wine Decadence is headquartered in historic, downtown Jacksonville, Florida
where the company operates a very special Wine Center that offers:

  • A friendly Wine Bar unlike any in the area.

  • A well-stocked Wine Shop where you can choose the perfect wine on your way home or to your hotel.

  • A Tasting Room where you can experience our wines and expand your wine knowledge.

  • An attractive Event Space that you can reserve for company or private occasions.

Our commitment to contributing to an elevated quality of life through exceptional wine experiences led naturally to the creation of our Wine Decadence Society. Rather than a marketing or sales initiative, the Society seeks to support wine lovers interested in enhancing their experience with – and knowledge of – fine wines. In pursuit of this goal, the Society is dedicated to Wine Discovery, Education and Adventures.

Wine Decadence is a proud corporate supporter of The Folded Flag Foundation where 100% of all donations provide educational scholarships and support grants to the spouses and children of United States military and government personnel killed in combat.

In concurrence with Foley Family Wines, Wine Decadence provides ongoing support for this essential charitable organization.

31 West Adams St., Suite 104
Jacksonville, Florida
(904) 363-0016