Like Wine?

Host a Free Tasting


A Wine Decadence Tasting is a great way to have a fun night with friends. We bring the wine, the food and the education – you bring your friends for a great night of wine, food and friendship.


You will taste amazing, top-rated wines from our portfolio and try our Decadent food mixes as part of your pairings.

free wine

As the host, you will have the opportunity to shop for FREE in our Host Reward Wine Collections – plus food and a free gift!


WHY should you host a tasting?

If you “like wine”, then you’ll love hosting a Wine Decadence Tasting Event!

You and your guests will be treated to an evening of education, entertainment, and FUN! A trained Wine Decadence Consultant will showcase a selection of fine wines and Decadent Food Mixes for you and your guests to sample and appreciate.

You and your Consultant will chat about what varities of wine you and your guests enjoy and what new wines you’d like to explore – and guess what? A Wine Decadence Tasting Event is FREE!

Contact your Consultant or fill out the form below for more information on Booking a Tasting.

Your Host Rewards

When you host a qualified Wine Decadence Tasting Event, you will receive FREE wine and FREE Decadent Food products!

The higher your sales, the more FREE products you can choose from.

Our Host Wine Rewards feature our “Casual Wine Collection”, our “Classic Wine Collection”, and our “Premium Wine Collection.” In addition, you can choose from our entire menu of Decadent Food Mixes.

But, that’s not all… as a qualified host, you will also receive a FREE Wine Decadence Accessory as a “Thank You!”

Ready to host your tasting?

When you are ready to schedule your tasting, either contact your Wine Decadence Consultant or fill out the form below.
We will reach out to you within 24 hours so you can enjoy a fun, free night of wine tasting as soon as possible!