why wine decadence?

1) generous compensation program

Wine Decadence encourages you to build a team and rewards you the more you build.

You get paid on your first level recruits to unlimited downline levels. Plus, the more you grow in our Wine Decadence Ranks, the more bonuses you receive.

2) company-sponsored host program

When you Tasting Host has sales of $350 or more, they can select free wines and foods.

The higher the sales, the more they get – and the program is 100% company sponsored, so there is no fee for the consultant.

3) quarterly bonuses for management levels

When you achieve Manager level or higher, you can receive a Quarterly Cash Bonus starting at $500 per quarter.

When you achieve Executive Director status, you receive a $5,000 Quarterly Bonus in addition to your personal and team commissions.

pick your kit

All of our kits have enough wine, food and supplies to get your business started.

Choose the one that fits your goals, your budget and your lifestyle to get started today.

$199 KIT

$399 KIT

$599 KIT