start your home-based business with wine decadence

1) it’s fun

With a Wine Decadence Business, you will get to have fun while you make money!

Simply schedule in-home wine tastings with your friends, family and customers. You’ll get to bring a selection of wines and foods for them to sample. Then, the more they purchase, the more you make – making money couldn’t be more fun!

2) it’s easy

Getting started is easy. Just choose the kit that’s right for you.

You’ll receive all the wines, foods, accessories and supplies you need for your first tastings. PLUS, you get your own personalized website that you can promote and share to sell even more.

3) it’s flexible

We have no territories and no requirements. Work as much or as little as you like.

Our business is built to fit your lifestyle – whether you want to earn some extra spending money each month OR if you want to make $100,000+ with a Wine Decadence Career!

pick your kit

All of our kits have enough wine, food and supplies to get your business started.

Choose the one that fits your goals, your budget and your lifestyle to get started today.

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